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Nags Drawings 46
I have returned to post the latest in my art, this one is a fresh one as I recently made this like a month ago.
LINE assignment for design
- If it can be seen, it's just an "x" for me in the submit picture screen.

So let's start off and say I am not dead ( I've been "busy" with other things) and this might be the only source of activity from me for a long time, unless I post some other things and whatnot. I am slowly getting back into DA, despite I have other websites that interest me at the moment.  Certain things will slow the process of scanning and taking awhile to decide to submit it here or other sites I use, even though I have TONS of ceramic pieces to submit here in the first place that I should've done awhile ago.

Wow November 27 was the last time I did anything here in awhile.
- Submitting stuff is weird now but oh well, what do I gain by complaining about it.
- I should follow my schedule here once again later. I think the first business is mass favorites of other peoples art because it's been a long time since I've done that myself, same with mass submissions as well despite I lack CORE membership.
- I'm still changing things, like the layout for description and whatnot

Take care.
Nags Ceramics 32
I'm done submitting for today. It's a Sunday after all and I have to start following my schedule these days and a return to my inactivity until the end of the year so by say next year or every Tuesday.

- nothing but a quick thing: I edited the original message to something I like.

Take care.
Nags Ceramics 31
Now here is something a bit better that I made...
I'm still glad I have a newer square making system though.

- So I won't be making it to a mix between my failure at making a vault door from the fallout series, oh well, I got Tuesday at least... oh wait. I want to do some PS4 stuff after I get home and finish my dinner.
- it seems I am closer to actual sculptures I've made when I made these, so I am close to finish up submitting my ceramic pieces so far.

Take care.
Nags Ceramics 30
Oh boy, my worst piece that I made in the spring... even the sketch was terrible. It's not some sort of message at all (non of my works are, unless you think so then go ahead and think I had some sort of message ) and even if it was, it'll be I'm craving pizza for some reason like today. Even though, it was poorly made (some of the edges were made thinly and I guess the "crust" was made too big)

- But really, if I can rank my pieces from 1 to 10, this is a 4/10....
- It's not as bad as most of my 2011/2012 drawings though (I just burned myself didn't I?)
- I'm only submitting it for one reason, it's on the list of things I've finished. :T

Take care.
Nags Ceramics 29
Okay so even though I have a negative outlook these days, I've been somewhat cheerful today and Saturday for some reason and even then, it won't last forever but I guess I'll enjoy it until it dies out or until I burn up from it.

- My memory is sometimes really good or terrible, I guess these are one of the pieces I've made but my friend  helped me glazed them. I told him the colors I wanted or told him to do whatever he wants to do for it.
- Eh I don't like how I made it, it's not as good as my newer squares at least.
- I use a slap roller for my newer squares but during this and early this year, I beat up the clay until it's flat enough. That doesn't happen anymore.

Take care
Oh boy it's time once again.

So there isn't much to talk about unless you count my real life issues but I only had one terrible issue for me and that is in the past. So for now I'll be talking about my future right now and some minor updates as well.

So I've been not so active here as of late because I've been extremely lazy as of late. Hey it's summer, can you blame me for not enjoying my lazy summer days. I haven't been doing much drawings as I used to back in the days I drew a lot and now I barely draw now which sucks for me in a way. Although I did draw something a few days ago and it isn't much but I did draw at least 3 things a few days ago. In a way I am getting back into an old system of mine: Draw 7 pictures a day. Seems like a lot but I did do this back in my high school days. Lets see if this changes by the next time I do another journal in like three weeks or a month.

I also have a checklist that keeps me busy in a way. I should've gotten it sooner but hey, I have been doing some things to keep me entertained.

Minor stuff I won't be talking about:
- An issue with my newest dog, resolved and it is all good
- Me losing interest in two things
- I can't avoid politics no matter where I go
- Lack of sleep

Sorry if this was short, I don't have much to talk about anyways so here it is.

Take care
  • Listening to: Fallout 1, Vats of Goo
  • Reading: Something
  • Watching: Youtube
  • Playing: TF2, Morrowind and Fallout 1
  • Drinking: Water


Colin E. B.
United States
Welcome to my profile! Home to the shy/lazy nerd that is me! :D

(Some of this stuff will change or not when I get around to it, eh don't count on it)

I do draw stuff but I normally take awhile to do it, mostly like a week to even start drawing. I used to do seven drawings a day back in my late high school years but I was crap back then and no, I am not putting myself down. I really was crap back in my high school years, well early years that is.

Despite my name, I am not into anime at all ( well, it’s on and off, depending on the time of year it seems). I don’t hate it but I don’t watch it either.

I personally don’t have a fanfiction account…. Funny thing is I look my name up and found one with a fan fiction. Eh guess I’ll change my name one day but I am terrible at names. Oh and I shamefully linked my twitter somewhere because I can. Mostly I’d rather use twitter than use DeviantART's own system.

For a while I have been a Gmodder for a while now (I say two years but it's a year and a half). However because of a few problems with my laptop, I haven’t made a good poster in a very long time. Even then, Gmod “posters” is more of a filler thing for my gallery. I just wanted some activity since I haven’t scanned a drawing in awhile. It’ll come and go I swear.

Materials I use (If I do draw): Pencils, Faber-Castell PITT artist pens, Copic Markers, Colored pencils, and printer paper

I'm shy most of the time and normally don't comment or respond much or at all. Best results notes and or twitter or my personal email. ask :)

Let's have a look of fanbase's I'm in: Undertale, Cartoon Horses, Gaming (er…), Certain people on Youtube, whatever I like at the time.
Time/Date I submit: Whenever I want! Although I do I have a schedule

I have a steam, FA, Google+ (?), Twitter, PlayStation, Elder Scrolls Online (?) and Minecraft with the same name! I'm stuck with this name (also I love this name) for any website.


Shameful stuff:

Steam: Nagto87

Twitter: Nagto87s Productions(@Nagto87rambles)

Twitch: Nagto87

Google+: Nagtos Productions

PlayStation: Nagto87s_ps

Current Residence: California
Favourite genre of music: soundtracks, peaceful music, brony music
Favourite photographer: my dad,myself
Favourite style of art: The Stuff I draw
Operating System: Internet Explorer
Wallpaper of choice: Stuff

Favourite cartoon character: I have a lot to list
Personal Quote: (nothing) - Nagto87




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